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100 Successful Women in Business.

The 100 Successful Women in Business Network is a global sisterhood movement that connects, empowers, educates, inspires, and recognizes women worldwide. This is accomplished through comprehensive programs to help women succeed in every area of their lives. The 100 Successful Women in Business Network is here to connect, educate, inspire, and promote women worldwide. Milenia Nazaret was chosen to represent the United State of America in the annual Global Convention in London from 24-28 August 2022 as one of the most recognized and successful businesswomen in the World. She will represent her new company MJ Globus LLC together with her business partner Jeffrey D. Robinson in London. MJ Globus LLC is a business consulting company that specializes in Luxury Properties Worldwide, Oil and Gas projects, Gold and Gold mines for sale, Commodities, and BTC ( Bitcoin) for trade.

Milenia Nazaret and Jeffrey Robinson are business partners of MJ Globus LLC

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