Hello! My name is Milenia Nazaret. I am from Kazakhstan. I was born in the third biggest town in my country, in Karaganda. I love my family. My parents live in Karaganda. I visit them once a year. I speak three languages: Russian, English, and Polish. I studied French at school for many years, but I have forgotten it. I graduated from high school in Karaganda in 1993. Then, I received two Bachelor’s degrees from Karaganda Technical University. One is a degree in architecture, and the other is a degree in economics. I graduated from university in 2002.  My favorite subjects at the university were architecture and theoretical mechanics. Since 2005, I worked in Kazakhstan and opened my company STUDIO-L (advertising and modeling agency) in 2005. I worked with TV, radio, and magazines for six years. I did many fashion shows and events in Kazakhstan. In March 2011, I created a big American project in Kazakhstan for the MAKS TV Show Miami. The project was called Miss Internet Asia. I worked on this project for one year. Afterward, I was invited to the United States of America (USA). I arrived in Miami for the final show of Miss Internet World. Since August 2011, I have lived in the USA. 




1993-1996:  Industrial Teacher's Training College, SZS Faculty (Building Construction and Structure), Karaganda city.

1996-1999: Karaganda State Technical University, TSP Faculty (Building Method and Architecture).

2000-2002: Karaganda State Technical University, Economy and Management Faculty.

2016-2018: Palm Beach State College, High-Intermediate English classes. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA.



1997: Master class of Igor Hramov honored choreographer from S.-Petersburg, “Modern” Course (the Certificate availability).

2005: Complete Course of Theoretical Training at 5 Kanal TV Chanel, by courses:

- TV Company Organization. Viewership.

- Advertising Basis. Advertising Methods. Media Planning.

- Organizational management of the Advertising Department. The working cycle of Advertising Manager.

- Legal regulation of Advertising.

- Business relations. Psychological and Ethical aspects of Advertisers Development.

(Passed testing; Certificate №103 from 25 of June 2005)


Real Estate Florida Broker License BK3319084

Notary Public License NOTARY I.D NO. 1479545

Real Estate Corporation License CQ1057659




1992-2011 — Model, Karaganda' Clothes Fashion House.


1997-2002 - Subsidiary Education Lecturer at Karaganda State Technical University (Head of FAVORITE Theatre of Fashion, choreographer-director).


During the Action period: arranged the first “Miss Technical University” Beauty Contest in 1997 (the Youth Centre of KSTU); during the ensuing years, the Contest is conducted annually.


In 1999 arranging the Beauty Contest of Karaganda' Universities that have a place at Karaganda State Technical University under the aegis of “Youth Festival”.


FAVORITE Theatre of Fashion has repeatedly taken a part in the city actions, festivals, youth festivals, Svecha readings.


2002-2003 – Art-director of Fotoart Model Agency.

2003-2005 – Director of Nurasem Model Agency.

 2004 – arranging and conducting an outstanding New Amazons Show included body-art elements that were dated for creating a new historical collection of Nurasem agency.


- In April of 2004 visiting the Hannover-Messe 2004 Exhibition in Hannover, Germany, as the leading model of Kazakhstan, in the name of Nurasem agency. Taking a part in the Open Ceremony with N.Nazarbaev, President of Kazakhstan, and G.Shreder, Vice-Chancellor of Germany.


 2004 – a large-scale action dated for the tenth anniversary of Nurasem agency – demonstrating the best collections of the agency.


2004-2005 – Director of Imperia Producer Centre (combined job).


Authoress and organizers of a creative summer Wild Orchid Beauty Contest taken place in “Fantasy World” Entertaining Centre, where all model agencies of the city were presented.


In April of 2005 setting up my own RMA STUDIO-L LLC – an advertising and model agency, with my own establishing.

In May of 2005, the first Barhatnyi Sezon Fashion Festival assembled as beginner designers of our areas so experienced ones. Authoress of the Festival.


In June of 2005 taking a part in the Kanatty Aiel-2 National Women Fair of Ideas and Goods in Almaty that has been organized by the National Committee of Family and Women Affairs at President of RK and also by the Ministry of Preservation of the Environment. Have been rewarded by Diploma.


In November of 2005 conducting the 2nd Velvet Season Fashion Festival. The honored fashion designer of Ukraine and organizer “Four Season” International Fashion Festival, Ruslan Hvastov, has been invited as a judge.


In 2007 I have established FASHION CITY Public Association where I am as Meeting Secretary. The object to establish the Association is to arrange and conduct the city, state, and international contests, festivals, concerts, and exhibitions; to conduct various actions directed to form personality developed harmonically; to disclose and realize personality's creative potential and the possibility of mental growth. Dancing, and also models schools, and other educational activities arrangement.

From the year of 2008-2010 representing Season state glossy magazine at Karaganda.

All 2008-year Studio-L Agency has conducted monthly selection rounds for Miss Krasa of Year Beauty Contest; the author's rights of the Contest belong to me.

In December of 2008, there was the Final of Miss Beauty of THE Year. 24 models from many cities of Kazakhstan took part in the Final of the Contest. The Contest was conducted with the assistance of the Department of Culture of Karaganda area in Gornyakov Palace of Culture. And 3 winners were given the honor of representing Kazakhstan at international beauty contests.


From the March of 2010-2011 functioning as Regional Director at Kazakhstan in the name of the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood.


In February 2010 has organized a republican professional tournament of models in which 50 models from all Kazakhstan have taken part. 9 cities (model of the young man and the girl) have been presented. As the leading given show actor Sergey Pogosjan has been invited.


Since June 2010 I carry out the function of the National Director for Kazakhstan MissInternetWorld Inc. USA, Miami.


In May 2011 I arrived in Miami, the USA for the final show Miss Internet World competition.


Since August 2011 I have lived in the USA.


In March 2015 I received my first real estate license and started my real estate career in Florida. I am a real estate professional and creative person with a strong background in multi-tasking and administrative skills. Extensive experience work with people. Good organizer with various projects, step by step. Strong attention to detail and ability to prioritize. Bilingual (English and Russian). Excellent communication and customer service skills. Coordinated communication strategies with field organizations. Worked with product teams on multicultural marketing and private development. Qualifications: First Time Home Buyers, Residential Homes, Commercial Real Estate, Investors, Relocation, Negotiation, Sales, New Constructions.

In February 2019 I opened my brokerage company NAZARET REALTY, LLC. 

In October 2019 I received Certified International Property Specialist Designation (CIPS)

In July 2020 I received a blockchain certificate "Security Token Strategy" from UNIC University of Future in Nicosia.

In August 2020 I created the blockchain project Nazaret Realty Global Token ( NRGT).




Real Estate Florida Broker, CIPS, Entrepreneur, Blockchain enthusiast.

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